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Infomation about wallpaper (calender)
DATE : 2008-05-13-Tue page top
Infomation about wallpaper (calender)

・Since April 2008, I had stopped offering wallpapers.
However, I keep putting the entries only because this weblog takes form of the web archive of Kenich Matsuyama's work.

・The resumption of the downloading is undecided.

・I am sorry, but I do not answer any questions about the wallpapers.

Thank you for your understanding.
If you'd like to know how I came to the decision, please go to "into the details."

Now, I explain the reasons why I stopped offering wallpepers for those who had never knew how it came to a halt.

About 3 month ago, I found out that my wallpaper was secondary processed and distributed as work of the person who put it.
I had had been troubled by som reputs on weblogs, sites, and billborads without authority before, yet that was first time I encounterd reprocessed one such as erasing URL.
Fortunatelly, I was able to close the page of the wallpaper with few people's help.
However, I took this very seriously and disconnected the URLs of the wallpaper pages.

Later, I made a mail form for someone want to have my wallpapers and gave them URL, but this was failed too.
I recieved so many e-mails which had no manners at all.
Since April, I stoped the mail form too.

I still create calenders every month for myself, yet right now I have no plan to open them again.
I understand that you may think I should not put any entry if I closing the downlord pages.
Nevertheless, I do have my rights to run this weblog in my way, so I up the entries as before.

I am trying to find the way to offering downloads someday and appreciate for your patience and understanding.

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